Why Should You Register Your Trademark?

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Protect your Business

Many of us dream of having a successful business.  More often than not, such dream becomes a reality.  Mostly, not by sheer luck, but rather through hard work. However, hard work is not enough. We must be vigilant over our rights and protect our business.  One of the most overlooked business protection is the registration of one’s trademark.  Surprisingly, there are popular and flourishing businesses who have not yet registered their brands. This is an unnecessary mistake which businessmen should never make.  Now, the million-dollar question is: Why should I register my trademark?

Establish your Identity

Your trademark distinguishes your goods or services from others. It represents your business identity, image, and reputation that sets it apart from your competitors.  Thus, your trademark is your asset and property. In a crowded market-place, your trademark sets your goods or services apart from everyone else. It is only logical that you protect your trademark in the same way that you protect your property.  Imagine if you bought a house and failed to have the title registered in your name! That would certainly raise many problems in the future.

Stop Copy-Cats

Another important reason to have your trademark registered is to protect your business and shield it from deceitful individuals who want to ride on the goodwill which your business has painstakingly created through the years. You shed blood, sweat and tears to popularize your brand. It would thus be the height of injustice if someone just came along to copy your brand in order to piggyback on your efforts, time and money!

Get Legal Protection and Remedies

More importantly, there are remedies available to owners of registered marks from infringers such as administrative, civil and criminal actions for trademark infringement, among others.  You can also avail of border protection measures by having your trademark registration recorded with the Bureau of Customs so that you will be notified if there is a suspicious entry of goods in Philippine soil of goods bearing your trademark.

Trademark Registration Made Simple

Lastly, having your trademark registered is not a complex activity. It is very easy to do.  In fact, you can even appoint a trademark agent to do it for you! So, there is no reason for you to shelve this important business action and sleep on your rights. Be vigilant! Be wise! Register your trademark now!

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