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The Law on Christmas during a Pandemic

The Law On Christmas In The Philippines

The Philippine legal system is a civil law system. This means that the Philippines relies on laws enacted by Congress to govern all matters – including Christmas, our favorite holiday. Christmas did not just become a holiday in the Philippines by tradition or religion. As with all red letter days and public holidays, there are laws that govern the celebration of Christmas as a holiday.

Image Article Nuisance Candidate Nicolas and de Vega Law

Who is a Nuisance Candidate?

This article defines a nuisance candidate as one who puts the election process in mockery, cause confusion among the voters and clearly demonstrate that the candidate has no bona fide intention to run for public office. The Comelec may, motu propio or upon a verified petition (filed within 5 days from the last day for the filing of certificate of candidacy), declare a candidate a nuisance.