Local Government, Election Law and Administrative Law

Local Government, Election Law and Administrative Law - Nicolas and De Vega Law Offices

    Expertise in Local Government and Administrative Law, Government Procurement, Local Taxation and Litigation

    Our lawyers possess extensive experience in dealing with various local governments in the Philippines. They have handled numerous matters which involve negotiating with local governments, dealings with local pre-qualification bids and awards committees, negotiations and litigation involving local and community taxation, real property assessment and taxation. At NDV Law, we take pride in our ability to navigate through and prevail in regulatory and administrative hearings before local governments and local legislative bodies.

    Expertise in Election Law, National and Local Elections, and Election-related Administrative and Judicial Proceedings

    We assist hopeful politicians and incumbent local elective officials during campaign and elections, which includes among others, services during pre-election, counting of ballots, canvassing, representation in pre-proclamation controversies, election protests and quo warranto proceedings. In order to ensure that our clients are assured of clean, honest and fair elections, our lawyers conduct seminars for the candidate’s watchers and campaign staff to brief them on election law and policies. Our lawyers work round the clock during critical periods of the campaign and election day to give our clients the competitive legal edge to win.

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