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    Expertise in Local and International Tax Law and Litigation

    We offer legal advice in all areas of local and international taxation. We have an excellent support staff of Certified Public Accountants and paralegals that will assist our lawyers in different spheres of taxation. We also help clients secure administrative rulings before the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Bureau of Customs, and the Department of Finance. Among the diverse activities of this practice are the following:

    • Rendering legal advice and representing clients in all aspects of taxation, including income taxation, percentage tax, customs duties and taxation, value-added tax, estate and donor’s taxes, minimization and avoidance of the impact of international double taxation
    • Planning and creation of entities or corporate structures designed to optimize the incidence and impact of taxation upon the client’s business
    • Represent the client in all incidences requiring legal representation before the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Commissioner of Customs, Court of Tax Appeals, and the regular and appellate courts
    • Render opinions and advice, and secure rulings from the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Bureau of Customs, and the Department of Finance, concerning the impact of taxation or its minimization, with regard to particular transactions, contracts, dealings and arrangements with local and foreign entities.
    • Protest of tax assessments and representation of the client in informal and formal conferences with the Bureau of Internal Revenue
    • Depending upon the requirements of the client and the nature of the business or transaction, a typical team is composed of lawyers experienced in corporate finance, taxation, labor, certified public accountants and financial auditors. At NDV Law, our primary objective is to maximize after-tax income of our clients.

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