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    Expertise in Philippine Intellectual Property Law

    NDV Law is a duly authorized resident representative accredited by the Philippine Intellectual Property Office (IPO). Through the combined experience and legal expertise of the lawyers, the firm boasts of an exceptional intellectual property law practice not only locally but also in the international sphere. The lawyers of the firm have handled the registration, prosecution, and maintenance of a countless number of marks for local and foreign individuals and multinational corporations. The firm also handles the registration, prosecution and maintenance of patents, industrial designs, and utility models.

    Legal Services Offered in Intellectual Property

    Under this practice area, our firm offers the following legal services:

    1. Filing of applications, prosecution, maintenance and registration of trademarks, patents, industrial designs and utility models with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO)
    2. Copyright deposit and protection
    3. Entering the national phase under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)
    4. Maintenance of trademarks, patents, industrial designs and utility models in the registry of the IPO through periodic filing of declarations of actual use, maintenance affidavits and other documents which may be required by the IPO
    5. Registration of food, cosmetics and drugs with Food and Drugs Administration (FDA)
    6. Securing License to Operate (LTO) for pharmaceutical companies, suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, importers, distributors and retailers
    7. Legal representation in Opposition and Cancellation actions with the IPO, patent, trademark and copyright infringement cases, unfair competition and other violations of the Intellectual Property Code which may be filed by or against the client with the regular courts and the Intellectual Property Office
    8. Registration of Technology Transfer Agreements, product and service licensing
    9. Enforcement of Intellectual Property rights, including availment of extraordinary remedies of Injunction, Mandamus among others
    10. Legal advice and legal representation in civil, criminal, and administrative cases which may be filed in relation to a violation of the Intellectual Property Code

    Expertise in Philippine Entertainment Law

    Our law firm renders legal advice to many new and rising artists, comedians, scriptwriters, songwriters, and entertainers. We assist them in contract drafting and negotiation, and ensure that their interests both as performing artists and independent contractors are protected. In conjunction with our team of tax lawyers and financial analysts, we guarantee that our clients are always at an advantage. Litigation advice is always available, and will be utilized to the full extent necessary, when the circumstances governing our clients necessitate the filing of remedial or corrective legal action in courts.

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