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Employment, Labor Law and Litigation - Nicolas and De Vega Law Offices

    Expertise in Labor and Employment Law

    NDV Law has extensive experience in the field of Employment and Labor Law. We assist both employers and employees in labor and employment disputes. Much of the work in this practice area revolves around breaches in contracts of employment, failure to provide minimum terms and conditions of employment provided under the Labor Code, claims for backwages, overtime pay, retirement and other benefits, illegal dismissal and discrimination claims.

    The lawyers of NDV Law are adept with the ins and outs of union organization, collective bargaining and representation disputes.

    Services offered

    Particular advice given to clients in this area of specialization involves:

    1. Legal advice concerning employment policies, review of employment contracts and retirement programs, cases involving employee discipline, matters affecting labor standards in cases of change of ownership or structure of the corporate employer, pre-termination and termination disputes

    2. Legal representation before the Labor Arbiters, the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC), Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court in matters relating to labor and industrial relations

    3. Drafting, review and negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, talks and negotiations with the company’s union or bargaining representative, inspection of the registration, status and qualifications of unions, collective bargaining representatives and employees’ associations

    4. Audit and monitoring of certification elections, union reporting and monitoring activities with the government, unfair labor practices filed by or against the employee, employer or the union

    5. Legal advice, including the utilization of preventive remedies in case of strikes, lockouts and other forms of concerted activities, to ensure that disruption of economic activities of the client are at the minimum.

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