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As a full-service law firm, we can help you on most fields of law in the Philippines, from Civil and Criminal Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Family Law, Estates, and Succession, Intellectual Property Law, Data Privacy Law, Local and International Competition Law, and Local and International Taxation, Employment and Labor Law, Admiralty and Maritime Law, among others.

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Information Technology Law

Expertise in Information Technology Law and Cyber Law Technology has become a part of our everyday lives. From our mobile phones to our computers, the rise of technology has made people citizens of the world, enabling individuals and businesses to reach out easily across borders. This is further bolstered by the COVID-19 pandemic which strengthened the use of online platforms and technology to go about one’s daily life and company operations. This complexity has made the need to legally protect the collection, dissemination, use and storage of information in the…

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Administrative, Criminal & Civil Litigation

Expertise in Philippine Administrative, Criminal and Civil Litigation Our lawyers are skilled litigators with proven mastery over every area of litigation, from conducting trial in Municipal and Regional Trial Courts, to appeals with the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. This area of expertise of our law firm also includes litigation in administrative agencies such as the Housing and Land Urban Regulatory Board (HLURB), Intellectual Property Office (IPO), Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Energy Regulatory Board (ERB), Department of Trade & Industry (DTI), among others. In…

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Intellectual Property Law, Entertainment Law & Litigation

Expertise in Philippine Intellectual Property Law NDV Law is a duly authorized resident representative accredited by the Philippine Intellectual Property Office (IPO). Through the combined experience and legal expertise of the lawyers, our law firm boasts of an exceptional intellectual property law practice not only locally but also in the international sphere. The lawyers of the firm have handled the registration, prosecution, and maintenance of a countless number of marks for local and foreign individuals and multinational corporations. The firm also handles the registration, prosecution and maintenance of patents, industrial designs,…

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Family Law, Estate Planning, Wills and Succession

Expertise in Family Law, Adoption, and Wills and Succession Our Firm specializes in all aspects of Family Law, including Local and Inter-country Adoption, Guardianship, Estate Planning, Wills, Probate and Succession. Our law firm provides advice concerning donor’s tax, income and estate tax for clients and their family businesses. Our team of legal experts has handled countless cases of annulment of marriage, declaration of nullity of marriage, legal separation, and support. In NDV Law, we understand the sensitive nature of family proceedings, whether it involves annulment of marriage, or the settlement of…

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Corporate Law Services, Incorporation and Business Registration, Due Diligence, Mergers and Acquisitions, Labor Law, Commercial Law and Litigation

Expertise in Corporate Law, Due Diligence Audits, Incorporation and Business Registration, Labor and Employment Law, Government Compliance. Our law firm offers a specialized range of legal services to meet the diverse needs of our clients from small businesses to large multinational corporations. We proffer comprehensive legal advice to corporate clients on all aspects of their business, ranging from choosing the best vehicle to start a business, registration, initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, dealing with employment policies, unions and other labor concerns, rendering advice on reducing the impact of taxation, to choosing…

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Data Privacy Law & Compliance

Expertise in Data Privacy Law and Regulatory Compliance Our law firm, lawyers, and staff possess extensive experience in providing clients services to ensure compliance with the regulatory framework of Republic Act No. 10173, otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012,  as well as the pertinent regulations issued by the National Privacy Commission. Data Privacy Legal and Compliance Services We offer the following services: a. Conduct of a Privacy Impact Assessment and Audit, Adequacy Assessment and Audit, and/or Compliance Assessment and Audit, as determined necessary by NDV Law for purposes of…

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From its inception in 2007, the founding partners of Nicolas & De Vega Law Offices have recognized the needs of individuals, corporations, and local and international businesses for first class legal services. In turn, the law firm has helped client within the Philippines and abroad by providing dynamic and innovative legal representation. We strive to be the firm of choice for complex legal issues and significant business dealings.

We have always stayed true to our mission of providing unparalleled legal services. Excellence is the hallmark of our Firm.

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We have always been consistent with our mission of providing unparalleled legal services to all our clients, at all times within a moderate to low cost fee structure.

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