Family Law, Estate Planning, Wills and Succession

Family Law, Estate Planning, Wills and Succession - Nicolas and De Vega Law Offices

    Expertise in Family Law, Adoption, and Wills and Succession

    Our Firm specializes in all aspects of Family Law, including Local and Inter-country Adoption, Guardianship, Estate Planning, Wills, Probate and Succession. We also provide advice concerning donor’s tax, income and estate tax for clients and their family businesses.

    Our team of legal experts has handled countless cases of annulment of marriage, declaration of nullity of marriage, legal separation, and support. In NDV Law, we understand the sensitive nature of family proceedings, whether it involves annulment of marriage, or the settlement of estate of a deceased person. Hence, our lawyers will make sure that family law proceedings are maintained at the highest level of confidentiality.

    Expertise in Family Law-related Criminal Cases and Proceedings

    We also handle cases concerning the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Law (VAWC). Whether we represent the woman or the man in such cases, we ensure that the legal rights of our client are upheld in the courts of law.

    Our contacts in various countries around the world enable us to assist clients in Local and Inter-Country Adoption. With our commitment to delivering results which exceed the client’s expectations, our firm continues to expand the horizons of its Family Law Practice by broadening its tie-ups with lawyers and law firms around the world.

    Expertise in Family Law-related Civil Cases and Proceedings, Testate and Intestate Succession

    The firm specializes in the following areas of Family Law:

    • Securing Annulments of Voidable Marriages, Declarations of Nullity of Void or other Voidable Marriages, Legal Separation and all incidents relating to marriages and marital affairs;
    • Property Relations between spouses, Pre-Nuptial Arrangements or Donations Propter Nuptias, Marriage Settlements, Liquidation, Dissolution and Administration of Property Regimes, Separation of Property of the Spouses;
    • Declaration of Paternity and Filiation, Legitimation of Children, and Securing Court Declarations on the Status of Children as Legitimate or Illegitimate, Change of Name or Surname;
    • Support, between spouses and their children, and the legitimate and illegitimate children of the latter;
    • Local and Inter-Country Adoption, Rescission and Revocation of Adoption, Guardianship, Custody of Minors and Habeas Corpus Proceedings to Secure the Custody of Minor Children;
    • Declaration of Absence or Presumptive Death; and
    • Settlement, Administration, Partition and Distribution of Estates, Probate of Wills, Testate and Intestate Succession, Estate Planning.

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