Damages under Philippine Law Nicolas and De Vega Law Offices Image

Damages Awarded under Philippine Law

This article discusses the nature and kinds of damages awarded by courts in the Philippines, including the legal bases for their grant.

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Insurance Contract Nicolas and De Vega Law Offices Image

The Basics of an Insurance Contract

This article disucsses the nature and basic implications of an insurance contract in the Philippines, including the applicable law and Supreme Court cases dealing with the subject.

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On Bona Fide Occupational Qualification Can You Be Dismissed Based on Your Weight Nicolas and De Vega Law Offices Image

On Bona Fide Occupational Qualification: Can You Be Dismissed Based on Your Weight?

This article discusses if weight is a valid occupational requirement, and whether companies can impose certain qualifications employment requirements.

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Suing for Unfair Competition in the Philippines Nicolas and De Vega Law Offices Image

Suing for Unfair Competition in the Philippines

This article discusses about the crime of unfair competition in the Philippines, the elements of the crime, the penalty for its commission, and the acts that must be proven to be convicted of the offense. It also discusses relevant Supreme Court cases on unfair competition in the Philippines.

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Interesting Philippine Cases on Pregnancy Out of Wedlock Nicolas and De Vega Law Offices

Can an Employee be Dismissed due to Pregnancy Out of Wedlock?

This article answers the question “can an employee be dismissed due to pregnancy out of wedlock?” by providing three (3) cases decided by the Philippine Supreme Court.

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When Can a Corporation be Liable for Tort Nicolas and De Vega Law Offices Image

When can a Corporation be Liable for Tort or Damages?

This article deals with corporate liability for tort, and addresses the question on whether a corporation can be held liable, as a juridical entity, for damages arising from negligence.

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The Philippine legal system is a civil law system. This means that the Philippines relies on laws enacted by Congress to govern all matters – including Christmas, our favorite holiday. Christmas did not just become a holiday in the Philippines by tradition or religion. As with all red letter days and public holidays, there are laws that govern the celebration of Christmas as a holiday.

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Feature Image Holidays 2020

2020 Philippine Holidays

On November 15, 2019, President Duterte passed Proclamation No. 845, which designates the Philippine holidays, specifically regular and special non-working days, for the year 2020.

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Certificates of Candidacies in Philippine Elections

The importance of a valid certificate of candidacy rests at the very core of the electoral process. (Bautista vs. Comelec, G.R. No. 154796, 23 October 2003) As such, a person with a cancelled certificate is no candidate at all. The evident purposes of the law in requiring the filling of certificates of candidacy and in […]

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Employer’s SSS Condonation Program ends September 2019

The Social Security System (SSS) recently issued a reminder/notice to all employers of the current SSS Condonation Program and the fast approaching deadline, to avail of the program. Under the law, a penalty of three percent (3%) per month is assessed on unremitted contributions. This penalty continues to accrue and to compound, from the date […]

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