Nicolas and De Vega Law Offices retrenchment-of-employees due to COVID 19

Legal Employee Retrenchment due to COVID-19

This is how legal retrenchment of employees can be implemented due to COVID-19 in the Philippines.

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Nicolas and De Vega Law Offices What Do You Get When You Resign

What Do You Get When You Resign?

This Article applies to voluntary employee resignation. It discusses what an employee who resigns will actually receive from the company upon resignation.

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Nicolas and De Vega Law Offices - DOLE Advisory work suspension during calamities

A Guide to Dealing with Suspension of Work Due to Calamities

This article discusses the Philippine government’s policy or DOLE’s regulations on suspension of work due to natural calamities and disasters.

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How to Implement a Redundancy Program in the Work Place

Dismissal of workers due to redundancy is a management prerogative governed by the Article 283 of the Labor Code. This is one of the authorized causes which an employer, in good faith, may utilize as a measure of efficiency in the company, or to prevent company losses. The pertinent portions of the law provide: Article […]

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When is an Employee Entitled to Separation Pay?

Separation pay has been defined as the amount that an employee receives at the time of his severance and is designed to provide the employee with the wherewithal during the period he is looking for another employment. However, this broad definition must not be taken at face value. There are only limited instances wherein separation […]

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