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Damages Awarded under Philippine Law

This article discusses the nature and kinds of damages awarded by courts in the Philippines, including the legal bases for their grant.

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The Basics of an Insurance Contract

This article disucsses the nature and basic implications of an insurance contract in the Philippines, including the applicable law and Supreme Court cases dealing with the subject.

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When Can a Corporation be Liable for Tort Nicolas and De Vega Law Offices Image

When can a Corporation be Liable for Tort or Damages?

This article deals with corporate liability for tort, and addresses the question on whether a corporation can be held liable, as a juridical entity, for damages arising from negligence.

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A Guide on One Person Corporations in the Philippines

A One Person Corporation (”OPC”) may be formed in the Philippines whereby the OPC is composed of a single stockholder who can only be a natural person, trust or estate. Its term of existence is perpetual but in case of a trust or estate, the term shall be co-terminous with the existence of the trust or estate.

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How to Close a Corporation through the Shortening of its Corporate Term in the Philippines

Life is tough. So is business.  So when the going gets tough, sometimes corporations need to close down.  However, it is not as simple as packing up your things and leaving.  A formal process must be done to legally close a corporation.  One method is through the shortening of the corporate term.   In the […]

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How to Form a Corporation in the Philippines

In order to set up a corporation in the Philippines, the incorporation process is lodged with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). Thus, the following documents must be submitted with the SEC: 1. Name Reservation/Verification Slip 2. Cover Sheet 3. Articles of Incorporation 4. Corporate By-laws 5. Registration Data Sheet 6. Registration Data Sheet (CAPITAL […]

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