Homicide or Murder What makes the Difference in Philippine Laws Nicolas and De Vega Law Offices Image

Homicide or Murder? What makes the Difference in Philippine Laws?

This article explains the difference between the crimes of murder and homicide, their respective elements and penalties.

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RA 10883The New Anti-Carnapping Law of the Philippines Nicolas and De Vega Law Offices Image

RA 10883: The New Anti-Carnapping Law of the Philippines

This article discusses Republic Act No. 10883, or otherwise known as the New Anti-Carnapping Act of 2016 (RA 10883), a law which punishes carnapping in the Philippines, its penalties and the elements of the crime.

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Computer-related Identity Theft is a Serious Cyber Crime

This article discusses the cyber crime called Computer-related Identity Theft in the Philippines, its legal basis and the penalties for the cyber crime.

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Bail as a matter of right or discretion Nicolas and De Vega Law Offices Image

Bail in the Philippines: Matter of Right or Discretion?

This article discusses an individual’s right to bail in the Philippines, bail as a matter or right and bail as a matter of discretion, and the constitutional rights and limitation of the right to bail.

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When are Checkpoints Valid Image

When are Checkpoints Valid and What do you do?

This article discusses the legality of government checkpoints, and your rights during searches done in airports, seaports, moving vehicles, ships, and airplanes.

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Libel in the Cyberspace Image

Libel in the Cyberspace

Protecting Cyberspace from Cybercrimes In this modern age, with the emergence of mobile internet and wireless broadband subscriptions, almost all our conversations take place in the cyberspace. As of 2020, there are 1.69 billion Facebook users in the world and 330 million monthly active users and 145 million daily active users on Twitter. [1] We often […]

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Who let the Dogs Out? What to do When your Dog Bites a Person

Under Republic Act No. 9482, otherwise known as the Anti-Rabies Act of 2007, the pet owner has responsibilities when his pet dog bites another. He must assist the Dog bite victim immediately and shoulder the medical expenses incurred and other incidental expenses relative to the victim’s injuries

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On Video and Audio Recording using your Mobile Phone

With advancements in mobile technology, the average person can now record a documentary, or even an explosive exposé, merely using one’s mobile phone, with crystal clear picture and sound, that may even impress professionals. However, you must always be careful with who and what you record with your phone. Chances are, if you recorded a […]

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cyber bullying

Liability for Posting in Social Media

In response to developments in technology and the ever-growing use of multiple forms of social media in the Philippines, Congress enacted Republic Act No. 10175, also known as the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. R.A. 10175 deals with many crimes, including Cyberlibel. Sec. 4(c)(4) of R.A. 10175 states: “(4) Libel. – The unlawful or prohibited […]

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White Collar Criminal

When Can a Policeman Arrest You?

When we watch the news, we oftentimes see a scenario whereby a victim is pointing at the accused which would prompt the policeman to immediately arrest the accused and detain him.  In movies, we see the policeman knocking on a person’s door and arresting the accused with the oft-spoken phrase “Magpaliwanag ka na lang sa […]

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