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A Guide on One Person Corporations in the Philippines

A One Person Corporation (”OPC”) may be formed in the Philippines whereby the OPC is composed of a single stockholder who can only be a natural person, trust or estate. Its term of existence is perpetual but in case of a trust or estate, the term shall be co-terminous with the existence of the trust or estate.

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Creating a Company with a Foreign Principal in the Philippines

Foreigners can do business in the Philippines. In fact, foreign investment contributes greatly to the Philippine economy.  Some foreigners wish to establish companies in the Philippines which either form part of the company abroad or with a separate entity from its foreign principal. Either way, companies in the Philippines with foreign principals must be duly […]

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How to Do Business Legally in the Philippines

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually easy to legally do business in the Philippines.  The Philippine government has taken great strides to ensure ease of doing business in the country. You must first remember that in order to do business in the Philippines, you must choose the business vehicle that you wish to utilize.  […]

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How To Get Business Permits in the Philippines

Before commencing your business in the Philippines, you need to secure a Business permit or Mayor’s permit, as it is commonly called, from your local government where your business is located. Here are some notes on business permits: • Business permits expire on the 31st of December unless the permits are issued on a quarterly […]

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