Cooking-up Your Contracts using “Boilerplates”

“Boilerplate” provisions refer to template provisions or “one-size-fits-all” clauses usually found at the end of most contracts. Because they are so-common, these provisions are often taken for granted especially by lawyers. To the perceptive eye however, boilerplate provisions should be considered as gems in a contract because they complete not only the aesthetic value, but […]

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Dissecting a Franchise Agreement: Part One

If you are interested in franchising, whether as a franchisor or a franchisee, an important document to consider is the franchise agreement. A franchise agreement is usually a voluminous document. Of course, it is not the intention of the franchisor to confuse the franchisee. It is lengthy because it specifies in detail what the respective […]

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Dissecting a Franchise Agreement: Part Three

The last element of any contract, which is necessarily present in a Franchise Agreement, is the element of cause or consideration. Our law defines cause or consideration as the prestation or promise of a thing or service by the other. In a Franchise Agreement, the cause or consideration involves the “why?” in the agreement. Why […]

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