How to Register a Trademark in the Philippines in 3 Easy Steps

We can help you register your trademark in three (3) easy steps. This article outlines the steps for trademark registration in the Philippines.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Philippine Trademark

This is an FAQ guide on Trademark Registration in the Philippines.

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Nicolas and De Vega Law Offices - Abandonment Legal Remedies in the Philippines

How to (Legally) Move On After Being Abandoned by Your Spouse

To be abandoned by a spouse is indeed a torment which you would not even wish on your enemy. How does one move on from abandonment? In this article, we discuss the effects of abandonment on one spouse and how he or she can move on under the Family Code of the Philippines and relevant laws.

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How To Sue Your Wife For Adultery In The Philippines

The sound of wedding bells and the tune of “Here Comes the Bride” are wonderful sounds which most people aspire to hear.  However, once the ceremonies are over and the fairy tale ends, there are some grim realities that beset unfortunate married couples.  One of them is the infidelity committed by one of the parties. […]

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2020 Annual Reporting Requirement with Bureau of Immigration NDLAW

2020 Annual Report Requirement for Foreign Nationals

As it is the start of the year, all foreign nationals are reminded of complying with the Bureau of Immigration’s Annual Report Requirement for 2020 ( Foreign nationals holding Temporary Visitor’s Visas or Tourist Visas are excluded from this requirement. Mandatory under Philippine Law The annual report is mandatory under Republic Act No. 562 otherwise […]

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Nicolas and De Vega Law Offices Competition Law Anaylsis using the SCP Framework

Analyzing Whether a Business Conduct Contravenes Competition Law Using the Structure-Conduct-Performance Framework

What is Structure-Conduct-Performance Framework To determine whether a business conduct contravenes antitrust laws, it is necessary to make a competition analysis. The analytical framework that is commonly used in competition analysis is the Structure-Conduct-Performance Framework (SCP).  The SCP approach assumes that there is a stable, causal relationship between the structure of an industry, firm conduct […]

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The Philippine legal system is a civil law system. This means that the Philippines relies on laws enacted by Congress to govern all matters – including Christmas, our favorite holiday. Christmas did not just become a holiday in the Philippines by tradition or religion. As with all red letter days and public holidays, there are laws that govern the celebration of Christmas as a holiday.

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search and seizure under PCA

Dawn Raids? No problem. The Rule on Administrative Search and Inspection under the Philippine Competition Act

The Philippine Competition Act (“PCA”) prohibits certain anticompetitive conduct. The Philippine Competition Commission (“PCC”) is tasked with the enforcement of the law. To successfully prosecute violators of the PCA, the PCC, under the the Philippine Supreme Court issued A.M. 19-08-06-SC, is empowered to conduct dawn raids, and apply for an inspection order before the Special Commercial Court of the place to be inspected is located.

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Who let the Dogs Out? What to do When your Dog Bites a Person

Under Republic Act No. 9482, otherwise known as the Anti-Rabies Act of 2007, the pet owner has responsibilities when his pet dog bites another. He must assist the Dog bite victim immediately and shoulder the medical expenses incurred and other incidental expenses relative to the victim’s injuries

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A Law that Can Protect Bloggers?

Approved by President Rodrigo R. Duterte on August 30, 2019, Republic Act No. 11458 (RA 11458) was passed, expanding the existing protection given to print and traditional media publishers, editors or reporters, and granting the same protection to “duly recognized or accredited journalist, writer, reporter, contributor, opinion writer, editor, columnist, manager, media practitioner involved in the writing, editing, production, and dissemination of news for mass circulation, of any print, broadcast, wire service organization, or electronic mass media, including cable TV and its variants.”

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