NDVLaw Article - How to Compute Your Retirement Pay

How to Compute Your Retirement Pay

This article answers basic questions on how to compute employee retirement pay under Philippine Law. This helps employers compute the legal retirement pay due.

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NDVLAW Article image summary proceeding to have the absent spouse declared presumptively dead, in order to remarry

What to Do If your Spouse Has Been Missing for Many Years and You Wish to Remarry

This Article tackles the requirements, procedure and effects of a declaration of presumptive death on spouse who goes missing and the effects of reappearance.

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NDVLAW Article Image Remarriage under Muslim Law Bigamy

Can a Muslim-Convert Marry Again?

This article discusses the legal issue of bigamy after a subsequent marriage celebrated under Muslim laws. Specifically, it answers the question: Can a Muslim-Convert who is already married marry again during the existence of the first non-Muslim marriage, without being liable for bigamy? Can a married person convert to another religion for the purpose of marrying another? A spouse, by simple expediency of converting to the Muslim faith, cannot validly marry another, without having the first marriage legally dissolved. This is the answer to the question addressed by this article.

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How Much Support Should a Parent Give his Child?

This article discusses the legal basis and parameters of child support. How much child support must a parent actually give a child? Up to when should support be given? Whose obligation is it to give support to a child? These are some of the questions answered in this article.

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How to Claim SSS Unemployment Benefits

This article is a brief FAQ on how to apply for SSS unemployment benefits in the Philippines. It talks about the applicable law, those eligible to apply, those disqualified from applying, the documents and requirements for the application, the process, and the limitations of the law in claiming SSS unemployment benefits.

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notarization videoconference nicolas and de vega law offices image

Notarization through Videoconferencing During the Quarantine

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Philippine Supreme Court issued A.M. No. 20-07-04-SC known as the 2020 Rules on Remote Notarization of Paper Documents. This issuance allows the notarization of documents in the Philippines through videoconferencing, where the notary public or at least one of the parties to the document is in a locality under community quarantine due to COVID-19.

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collection suit nicolas and de vega law offices image

Filing a Collection Suit for Sum of Money

Do you want to collect from the people who borrowed money from you? Where payment of such money claim is the principal relief sought, filing a collection suit is proper.

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Q & A on Small Claims Cases in the Philippines

Do you wish to collect money from someone who owes you but cannot afford to spend on heavy legal fees? Is your lessee not paying his rent but you do not want the hassle of a long court trial? Did you deliver products to your customer yet he did not pay you? Have you experienced […]

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Securing a License to Operate with the Food and Drug Administration in the Philippines

Securing a License to Operate with the Food and Drug Administration in the Philippines: What is a License to Operate and When is it Needed?

What is a License to Operate (“LTO”)? A License to Operate or LTO is a license which must be secured in order to operate or establish an establishment prior to engaging in the manufacture, importation, exportation, sale, offer for sale, distribution, transfer, and where applicable the use, testing, promotion, advertisement, and/or sponsorship of food, drugs, […]

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How to Apply for Variations with the Food and Drug Administration

E-Portal: Filing and Application for a License to Operate (LTO) as a Cosmetic / Drug /Medical Device / Food Manufacturer, Importer Or Distributor with the Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines

The LTO Application Process Is Now Streamlined On 02 May 2016, the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) adopted a new application process and form for a License to operate (“LTO”). The application process is now navigable and accessible through the electronic portal found at the FDA website (www.fda.gov.ph). The electronic process for LTO application has […]

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