Babylyn Banuelos- Nabiong – Legal Manager

Babylyn A. Banuelos – Legal Secretary, Litigation & Corporate Department

      Babylyn Banuelos- Nabiong – Legal Manager

      Legal Manager, Litigation & Corporate Department

      Ms. Babylyn Banuelos-Nabiong holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Office Administration.  She has extensive experience in the retail industry.

      Babylyn is currently the Firm’s Legal Manager and an expert in the management of client affairs and portfolio. She manages all the Litigation and Corporate accounts of the clients to ensure that all the needs of the Firm’s clients are met. Ruling with an iron fist, Babylyn’s outstanding client management skill is a testament to the Firm’s credo of superior legal service. A favorite of many of the Firm’s clients, Babylyn is the epitome of topnotch customer service.

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