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What are the Remedies of an Owner Against Someone Who Built Structures in his Property without his Consent?

This article talks about the rights of an owner against someone who builds structures on his land in bad faith. In cases of builders in bad faith, a property owner can choose to appropriate the structure, without any obligation to pay any indemnity except for necessary expenses, plus damages; or ask the removal of the structure at the builder’s, etc. expense, plus damages; or compel the builder to pay the value of the land, plus damages.

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Deportation Image Article Nicolas & de Vega Law Offices

Summary Deportation of Foreigners in the Philippines

This article talks about the summary deportation of foreigners. This is done before the Bureau of Immigration in cases when a foreigner is overstaying, undocumented, is a fugitive from justice, has fully served the sentence of his crime which includes deportation as a penalty or a crime involving moral turpitude or the crime of failing to register with the Bureau of Immigration.

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Image Article Death of a Spouse Nicolas & de Vega Law

How To Legally Move On After The Death Of Your Spouse

This article talks about the process of liquidating the conjugal properties after the death of a spouse and the consequences of failure to perform this legal requirement. If liquidation is not done, any disposition thereafter is void and if the surviving spouse remarries, a mandatory complete separation of property shall govern the subsequent marriage.

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The Unfaithful Spouse Can Lose Everything in a Legal Separation Case-Nicolas and De Vega Law Offices Article Image

The Unfaithful Spouse Can Lose Everything In A Legal Separation Case

This article discusses one of the effects of legal separation, which is forfeiture of the share of the guilty spouse to the net profits in the conjugal assets.

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How to Recover Possession of your Dog (or other Personal Property) Through Replevin - Nicolas and De Vega Article Image

How To Recover Possession Of Your Dog (Or Other Personal Property) Through Replevin

This article discusses the remedy of replevin under Philippine law, to recover possession of personal property unlawfully taken from another.

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Secretarys Certificate Image Article Nicolas and de Vega Law

What Is A Secretary’s Certificate?

This article enumerates the general functions and duties of a Corporate Secretary. Further, this article defines a Secretary’s Certificate as a written document executed by the Corporate Secretary confirming the actions and resolutions of the Board of Directors. When regular on its face, third parties may rely on the Secretary’s Certificate without need of further investigation on the veracity of the facts contained therein.

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Gossip Image Article Nicolas and de Vega Law Offices

Gossiping Can Land You In Jail

This article is about the crime of gossiping or intriguing against honor and its corresponding punishment. This crime has for its principal purpose to blemish the honor or reputation of a person is punishable by imprisonment of arresto menor (1 day to 30 days) or a fine not exceeding P20,000.00.

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Questioning Corporate Takeovers Through Quo Warranto

This article discusses the legal remedy of quo warranto, as a remedy in corporate takeovers or where the eligibility or qualifications of a person who occupies the position of director, trustee, or officer of a corporation is being questioned.

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Social Security Retirement Benefit while employed or self-employed - Nicolas and De Vega Law Offices Article Image

Can You Work And Receive Social Security Retirement Benefit Simultaneously?

This article discusses about the grant of retirement benefit under the Social Security Act of 2018, to retirees who still wish to continue employment.

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THE CRIME OF FALSIFICATION OF DOCUMENTS - Nicolas and De Vega Law Offices Image Article

The Crime Of Falsification Of Documents

This article is about the crime of Falsification of Documents, defines the acts amounting to falsification, the persons liable, and the penalty imposed under the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines.

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