How To Sue Your Wife For Adultery In The Philippines

The sound of wedding bells and the tune of “Here Comes the Bride” are wonderful sounds which most people aspire to hear.  However, once the ceremonies are over and the fairy tale ends, there are some grim realities that beset unfortunate married couples.  One of them is the infidelity committed by one of the parties. […]

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Understanding Statutory Leaves of Employees in the Philippines

                As the old saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Hence, part of improving an employee’s efficiency is to allow him to take a leave from work without sacrificing his income. The Philippine Labor Code and other special laws mandate certain leaves that an employer should extend to an […]

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Limitations on Foreign Investments and Equity in the Philippines

Foreign investments are encouraged by the Philippine government to fuel economic growth.  Based on data culled from the National Statistical Coordination Board (“NSCB”), the total approved foreign investments in the Philippines for the year 2014 amounted to P186.9 Billion Pesos (or roughly US$4 Billion Dollars). According to the NSCB, in 2014, Japan is the largest […]

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Benefits of Getting a Trademark Agent

               If you are interested in filing a trademark application in the Philippines or wish to protect your business brand or trademark, it is quite tempting to undertake the task on your own.  As a businessman, saving on costs is a primary concern.  Consequently, most businessmen fall into the […]

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Philippine Trademark

If you are interested in filing a trademark application in the Philippines or wish to protect your business brand or trademark, it is necessary that you learn about trademarks in general and how to seek protection. Stated below are commonly asked questions about trademarks in the Philippines.  1. What is a Trademark? The Philippine Intellectual […]

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Maintaining Your Trademark in the Philippines

           The Philippine Intellectual Property Office (“IPO”) does not require proof of use in commerce in the processing of trademark applications.  However, during the life of the trademark, the applicant or registrant must prove that it is using the mark in the Philippines.  Thus, a notarized Declaration of Actual Use (“DAU”) […]

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Trademark Opposition Proceedings in the Philippines

A party may file an opposition to a Philippine trademark within a period of thirty (30) days from the date of publication of the mark in the e-gazette of the Philippine Intellectual Property Office (IPO).  The e-gazette may be viewed at .   The proceedings are initiated by the filing of the verified notice […]

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The Treatment of Medical Malpractice in the Philippines

Proving medical malpractice in the Philippines one of the more difficult civil cases in the Philippines. Medical procedures involve, to a great degree, technical matters, which must be clearly understood first, prior to pursuing a claim that a treatment was attended with malpractice. Moreover, in order to prove the existence of medical malpractice in any […]

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How to Compel a Corporation to Grant Access to Corporate Records

Access to corporate records is vital in any corporation. Whether these records pertain to financial documents, human resources, operation endeavors, future plans, or even building and floor plans, these records help the officers, directors, and the stockholders map out the present and future directions for the company. In view of their significance, access to the […]

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How to Implement a Redundancy Program in the Work Place

Dismissal of workers due to redundancy is a management prerogative governed by the Article 283 of the Labor Code. This is one of the authorized causes which an employer, in good faith, may utilize as a measure of efficiency in the company, or to prevent company losses. The pertinent portions of the law provide: Article […]

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