3rd Mar 2017

night shift

Do you sometimes wonder why call center agents have salaries higher than some employees?  One of the reasons is the night shift differential pay.  Under Philippine labor laws, an employee who works between 10 p.m to 6:00 a.m. should be … more

20th Feb 2017

Appeal concept.

If you have lost in a trademark opposition or cancellation case (classified as inter partes proceedings) with the Philippine Intellectual Property Office, do not lose hope.  The losing party has remedies under the law for the appeal of his case. … more

17th Feb 2017

holiday 2017

The Philippines is one of the countries with the most generous number of public holidays.  It is very important for businessmen to know these holidays to ensure that they are paying the proper holiday pay to their employees.  The two … more

7th Feb 2017

foreign principal

Foreigners can do business in the Philippines. In fact, foreign investment contributes greatly to the Philippine economy.  Some foreigners wish to establish companies in the Philippines which either form part of the company abroad or with a separate entity from … more

Registered Stamp Showing Copyright Or Trademark

 What will you do if a company is using your trademark? What if this company has fraudulently registered your trademark in his own name? The remedy to this problem is to have that company’s trademark cancelled.     Section 1511.1 … more

Annoying Someone is a Crime

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16th Jan 2017

unjust vexation

Did you know that the act of annoying someone is a crime? Yes, it is and we certainly are not pulling your leg.  The act of annoying someone is called unjust vexation and considered a form of light coercion punishable … more


Why do husbands cheat on their wives? We do not know the answer to that.  However, we do know that cheating on one’s wife is punishable by law.   Article 334 of the Revised Penal Code punishes the husband when … more

Children aboard Motorcycles

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4th Jan 2017


When plying streets in the Philippines, one can see the surge of motorcycles on the road. Sadly, there are irresponsible motorists who not only disregard traffic laws but also their own and their loved one’s safety.  An example of such … more

17th Oct 2016


Were you born in the Philippines and living here all your life but still considered a foreigner? If you wish to become a Filipino citizen, then you can apply for administrative naturalization.   Republic Act No. 9139 otherwise known as … more

20th Sep 2016


Yes, that is right. All consumers must be given the exact change by business establishments. The newly passed Republic Act No. 10909 mandate this in very clear terms. The law prohibits business establishments from giving insufficient or no change to … more