20th Jun 2017


The “action-packed” presidential issuance from President Rodrigo Duterte, signed on 16 May 2017, Executive Order No. 26 (EO 26), otherwise known as the Nationwide Smoking Ban, takes effect sixty (60) days from its publication in a newspaper of general circulation. … more

15th Jun 2017


The June 2017 Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (Revised IRR) for Republic Act No. 10913, also known as the Anti-Distracted Driving Act, is out, and will take effect fifteen (15) days from publication in either the Official Gazette or in … more

recruitment agency

So you want to engage in the business of operating an employment agency deploying Filipino workers abroad? Don’t get too excited and commence business immediately.  You must bear in mind that you cannot just recruit and deploy without a license … more

9th Jun 2017

Tax and  golden key

Everyone dreams of owning their own house and lot. When you achieve such goal and receive your Transfer Certificate of Title, all the years of hard work have indeed paid off. However, being a landowner has its consequences. You now … more

5th Jun 2017


As a general rule, when ownership of personal property (chattel), like a car for example, is transferred to another under a clean title – meaning, that no mortgage is annotated in the car’s registration – the transfer of ownership is … more

Basics on the Contract of Agency

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2nd Jun 2017


We oftentimes hear the words “agency”, “principal”, “agency relationship” and “ahente”. So, what do these words mean? What is the relationship between an agent and his principal? What are their liabilities? Read on and learn the basics. The Civil Code … more

Basics on the Sale on Consignment

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When you are engaged in retail trade, sometimes it is not practical to buy huge volumes of stocks to sell to your customers as this will require a higher cost on your part. You also subject yourself to the risk … more

The Nature of Sublease Contracts

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Say for example you are renting a business space or apartment, not from the owner, but from another lessee. Under the law, you are considered as a sublessee. If the owner of the property tries to enforce the terms of … more


“Boilerplate” provisions refer to template provisions or “one-size-fits-all” clauses usually found at the end of most contracts. Because they are so-common, these provisions are often taken for granted especially by lawyers. To the perceptive eye however, boilerplate provisions should be … more

29th May 2017

martial law

1.  Who can place the Philippines under martial law? –  The President of the Philippines can place the Philippines under martial law.   2.  What areas of the Philippines can be placed under martial law? –  Any part of the … more

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